Date time in the mail send out by plone 4

I’m suffering a date time issue in the Plone’s MailHost, which send out a mail in a 16 hours offset out while my time zone is set to Etc/GMT+8.

A mail send out at 2012/01/10 5:39 PM, will received as send out at 2012/01/10 1:39 AM, it’s wild for me and most others.

Now, I’m trying to finger out what was happen.

In the Plone 4.x, all product source is located in the ‘buildout-cache/eggs/’ of your zope instance root dir.

Plone use MailHost to send out mail, which is at:


396 def _mungeHeaders(messageText, mto=None, mfrom=None, subject=None,
397                   charset=None, msg_type=None):
398     “”"Sets missing message headers, and deletes Bcc.
399        returns fixed message, fixed mto and fixed mfrom”"”

The _mungeHeaders() will check your headers, if there is no “Date” field, it will add one for you:

465     if not mo.get(‘Date’):
466         mo['Date'] = DateTime().rfc822()

The DateTime() comes from:


and the rfc822() will format the date time as RFC822 required in the section ’5. DATE AND TIME SPECIFICATION’. more info.. in refs:

1506     def rfc822(self):
1507         “”"Return the date in RFC 822 format.”"”
1508         tzoffset = _tzoffset2rfc822zone(_tzoffset(self._tz, self._t))
1509         return ‘%s, %2.2d %s %d %2.2d:%2.2d:%2.2d %s’ % (
1510             self._aday,self._day,self._amon,self._year,
1511             self._hour,self._minute,self._nearsec,tzoffset)

While the time stamp of the standard content in the plone 4 is right after I set the TZ toEtc/GMT+8 in the base.cfg , I’ll investigate how the document by line use the DateTime to get right result.

The document by line is from:

 30   <span class=”documentModified”>
 31     <span i18n:translate=”box_last_modified”>
 32       last modified
 33     </span>
 34     <span tal:replace=”python:view.toLocalizedTime(context.ModificationDate(),long_format=1)”>
 35       August 16, 2001 at 23:35:59
 36     </span>
 37   </span>

which from

 33 class DocumentBylineViewlet(ViewletBase):
 35     index = ViewPageTemplateFile(“”)

 95     def toLocalizedTime(self, time, long_format=None, time_only = None):
 96         “”"Convert time to localized time
 97         “”"
 98         util = getToolByName(self.context, ‘translation_service’)
 99         return util.ulocalized_time(time, long_format, time_only, self.context,
100                                     domain=’plonelocales’)

where is ModificationDate is set:


108     security.declareProtected(ModifyPortalContent, ‘setModificationDate’)
109     def setModificationDate(self, modification_date=None):
110         “”" Set the date when the resource was last modified.
112         When called without an argument, sets the date to now.
113         “”"
114         if modification_date is None:
115             self.modification_date = DateTime()
116         else:
117             self.modification_date = self._datify(modification_date)


19 from i18nl10n import ulocalized_time

 26 class TranslationServiceTool(PloneBaseTool, UniqueObject, SimpleItem):
 27     “”" Utility methods to access the translation machinery “”"

 84     security.declarePublic(‘ulocalized_time’)
 85     def ulocalized_time(self, time, long_format=None, time_only = None, context=None,
 86                         domain=’plonelocales’, request=None):
 87         # get some context if none is passed
 88         if context is None:
 89             context = self
 90         return ulocalized_time(time, long_format, time_only, context, domain, request)


 96 # unicode aware localized time method (l10n)
 97 def ulocalized_time(time, long_format=None, time_only=None, context=None,
 98                     domain=’plonelocales’, request=None):

which is very complicate…


 17 #. The variables used here are the same as used in the strftime formating.
 18 #. Supported are ${A}, ${a}, ${B}, ${b}, ${H}, ${I}, ${m}, ${d}, ${M}, ${p},
 19 #. ${S}, ${Y}, ${y}, ${Z}, each used as variable in the msgstr.
 20 #. For example: “${A} ${d}. ${B} ${Y}, ${H}:${M} ${Z}”
 21 #. In english speaking countries default is:
 22 #. ${b} ${d}, ${Y} ${I}:${M} ${p}
 23 #: ./
 24 msgid “date_format_long”
 25 msgstr “${b} ${d}, ${Y} ${I}:${M} ${p}”

We can use ‘long_format’ parameter to pass format what we want.


Time in Python:
RFC2822: Date and Time spec
Mail date Issue 12458:

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